1. Andrew Berardini, an art critic and curator based in LA, does an outstanding job writing about a painting show. He really puts down some interesting material, different from most art critics I read.

  2. Trying to create an black and white installation for as video but the yellow tinted walls won’t go away. Arg

  3. Reworked my bow yesterday to be a bit more manageable
    44 lbs. at 22 inch draw

  4. Kind of wish I was in a drawing class again

  5. Quick sketch of what I have in mind for a sculpture; something a little different so I can get back into building rather than installation. Wood, fabric, and wire. Large scale of course. Never voluntarily worked with wood. This should be interesting project


  6. Even though it was easier to find materials on the streets of New York, it can never beat showing up at some random persons (usually 60 year old women’s) house, hearing their life story, and be really confused about what I’m doing with the junk they’re giving me. Hah. Today it was a bunch of ceiling tiles. Yay Craigslist

  7. mo-tif:

    Eme Rock

    (via 1ooky-here)


  8. Taking time tonight to revisit a composition I wrote in my first music theory class in high school. I can’t find the written version of it and am having a hard time remember all of the second part. ABA format, a minor, C major, and back to a minor. Simple song but I liked it. Maybe if I can figure all of it out I’ll be able to post a recording of me playing it before I leave¬†


  9. Can’t wait for Paris :D

  10. I think there’s a value in materializing something that doesn’t have to be. Of course the a mode of translations; cliches, relationships, accidents, etc. ¬†Not to mention it gets me out of that notebook and can see and think more clearly. Let see where this goes…