1. Taking time tonight to revisit a composition I wrote in my first music theory class in high school. I can’t find the written version of it and am having a hard time remember all of the second part. ABA format, a minor, C major, and back to a minor. Simple song but I liked it. Maybe if I can figure all of it out I’ll be able to post a recording of me playing it before I leave 


  2. Can’t wait for Paris :D

  3. I think there’s a value in materializing something that doesn’t have to be. Of course the a mode of translations; cliches, relationships, accidents, etc.  Not to mention it gets me out of that notebook and can see and think more clearly. Let see where this goes…

  4. one of the first drawings I did during my residency in NY where I starting to explore dimensions of drawing with an installed confrontation and indifference of object

  5. Note to self. Don’t throw out found object materials, otherwise, when recreating a piece found objects are 10 more difficult to make and looks more force. Although I am entertained by the fact I had to buy 10 swifter dusters from the dollar tree and had a very confused chaser.


  6. "Everybody is identical in their secret unspoken belief that way deep down they are different from everyone else."
    — David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest (via quotes-shape-us)

  7. Drawing

    So being in the upcoming drawing through media exhibit with some other interesting artists (which you should all come and see) I was asked to get my perspective on drawing.

    This will be my first draft.

    I both draw and sculpt but recognize that my installations could be seen as a drawings and vise versa, seeing that dimensional work usually consists of some sort of line, gesture, or motion.

    Drawing for me has always been an effect of process; evidence of planning, constructing, mistakes, and past functions. Of course drawing is compiled with mark making, sweeping movements, layering, etc. I have used these marks and translated them through different found material giving them more emotional gesture but never without an overarching hypocritical indifference quality all the material I choose has.

    Recently, I’ve been using drawing to activate the wall as a physical object, obstacle, and section of architecture. This use of line, whether from cutting into the wall or using a long piece of rubber, is to direct the eye to supposedly undetermined parts of the installation. Many times this is what we are supposed to ignore; screws, bolts, vents, pipes, windows, etc. One of my goals is to give life to these aspects we are expected to overlook and use them to my advantage.

    Even though I do not consider my charcoal drawings finished pieces, they are a major part of my process. For this piece in particular the idea of drawing is subtler. They are distinguished marks climbing the wall with an insignificant location in mind. 


  8. contemporaryartdaily:

    Neïl Beloufa at Mendes Wood DM

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  9. intership

    So, I’ve been interning with Niki Johnson the past week at her artist in residence at the Pfister Hotel and it has been going pretty well! While a lot of the processes and skills I’m learning aren’t necessarily things I can see myself doing soon in my own work, it is nice to get back in the practice of making molds, casting, and working with sensitive material. She casts glass, regular water based clay, and porcelain as well as working with found objects such as condoms. I’ve been ‘editing’ waxes, mixing a specific recipe for plaster investments, and mixing porcelain so it is the perfect consistency. 

    It’s nice working with Niki because we have different approaches and interests in process. While she is more interested in the step by step- what something was and what it will become; in one thing I was working on of hers she took apart an old wooden bathtub, sandblasted the pieces, took molds, casted those in wax, edited those casts, sprued them, made more molds, and plans on casting glass within the next couple weeks. (if you are curious about her process check out her blog, http://nikileejohnson.wordpress.com). And in my process, while I used to be interesting in mold making and having a heavy hand in everything I do, I’ve come to enjoy more ambiguity while making and seeing concept, physical space, and most important- material as conductors to what may happen. Yes it can lead to more frustration but theres also, for me, more to overcome. 

    Anyhow, back to info about the internship. One thing, that really has not much to do with art making she is really good at is her role in social media and portraying herself. Not to mention she also give her inters a chance to talk to the press and have an online presence which is something too many student don’t even think about. But until gallery night it will be mostly making for us at the studio. Not to mention MIAD’s student curatorial team contacted me for an exhibit called Drawing Through Media at the schools entrance gallery and want one of my sculptures for gallery night. Unfortunately it’s not the ideal space to have a 3D work so we’ll probably have to discus things are more clinging to the wall as a lot of my work seems to be. 

  10. shakespearestwin:

    Bordeaux, France

    Will hopefully to see some wineries while in France. I’m sure my boss will have a ton to recommend