I'm Margaret Halquist, a student at milwuakee institute of art and design studying sculpture. Here I will post investigations, influences, and artwork. Please feel free to comment of ask questions.

I hope I never become here

First 12 foot (indoor) sculpture, let’s see if I can get this to hang

First 12 foot (indoor) sculpture, let’s see if I can get this to hang

Pour was a success!

To work and create ‘for nothing’, to sculpture in clay, to know that one’s creation has no future, to see one’s work destroyed in a day while being aware that fundamentally this has no more importance than building for centuries- this is the difficult wisdom that absurd thought sanctions. Performing these two tasks simultaneously, negating on one hand and magnifying on the other, is the way open to the absurd creator. He must give the void its colours.

—Albert Camus - The Myth of Sisyphus (via albertbeauchardcamus)

(Source: itsnietzschebitch, via thedepthsofthemind)

"each moment is absolute

alive and significant”

-we wrote on the side walk with double sided carpet tape. The process  starts off as invisible with the exception of it reflecting some sort of light. Over the next couple days the adhesive will collect dead leaves, dirt, things off peoples shoes, and other miscellaneous items. Then eventually gets destroyed by wear and/or the rain. The length of life varies. This is my second carpet tape piece.

Installed my piece with my roommate, Ryan, last night. Took about an hour on a side street off of North Ave—side note—Milwaukee is the most segregated city in the US, this part of town has a high black population as well as higher crime rates, but the same amount of interesting people and lessons to be learned. I currently volunteer for a program that helps kids that have been through trauma which is greatly linked to issues of segregation and poverty.—- All the houses were boarded up and we made a bunch of friends at 1 in the morning. Not joking, everyone was really friendly and when I was first super cautious and awkward, some chick was like “you doin’ ok?” It was a really pleasant surprise how we were treated as the only white people in that part of town. A bunch of cars slowed down it which we tried to act as casual as possible, leaning on a curve at 1:30 AM looking entirely out of place. If this many people saw us do this on east side, someone would have called the cops, no doubt. Or just stared at us awkwardly. A couple guys who passed us were pulling garbage cans with chunks of furniture in them. One laughed and told us it kept hitting his jaw. Near the end two cops pulled up next to us asking if everything was alright, it was a really close call; thank god they didn’t see what we were doing, as it can be mistaken as vandalism. It was just strange how the roles reversed, I enjoy learning about these communities; but more about that later.

Anyways, I’ll make it to the location later today. Hopefully the tape has collected some interesting things.

Tonight’s mission was a success! (With some friends made along the way) hah